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Updated: Aug 18, 2023

A Blog About Change Management & Transformation

This is a blog about change, resilience, and overall transformation. Our primary focus will be on individual and organizational change management. If this is a topic that interests you, join our community and sit tight as we go on a transformative journey, analyzing, reflecting, and talking about overall change.

 Join our community and sit tight as we go on a transformative journey, analyzing, reflecting, and talking about overall change.
Transformative Journey: The Corporate Butterfly Facilitates Change & Transformation

Ready to transform your organization and ignite long-term growth?

Join Marie Medina, the founder of The Corporate Butterfly, as she guides you through the exploration of the fascinating world of change management. Marie breaks down the definition and importance of change management, sharing how her company uses a multidisciplinary, integrated approach that can be customized to each client's unique needs.

Throughout this blog, Marie will provide valuable insights into the different approaches in change management, focusing on both the technical and people side of change. Don't miss the opportunity to learn how change management can benefit your organization and help you navigate and adapt to change. Subscribe today for insightful content from Marie and other industry experts!

About The Corporate Butterfly

The Corporate Butterfly L.L.C. is an M/WBE certified management consulting and advisory services firm located in the state of NY.

The Corporate Butterfly provides Change Management & Transformation Services
The Corporate Butterfly, an M/WBE Certified Management & Advisory Services Firm

Specializing in change management consulting and execution, The Corporate Butterfly strategically facilitates the holistic transformation of organizations & the swift adoption of stakeholders by ensuring organizational readiness and mitigating change risks. We accomplish this by creating a smoother transition with minimal disruption, in order to achieve your firm’s benefits, its organizational efficiency, and alignment. This strategy will empower your organization to sustain its future state and ignite long-term growth.

Our comprehensive and effective solutions enable organizations, processes, and personnel to travel through a metamorphosis route that is systematic and complete. We Analyze, Devise, Advise, Actualize, and Revolutionize!

Prospective clients can look forward to a wide range of solutions benefits, which consists of change facilitation, risk mitigation, minimized disruption, smoother transition, efficiency, alignment, speed of adoption, and benefits realization.

We transform organizations, processes, and personnel! Contact us to learn more about our services.

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