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The Corporate Butterfly Podcast Blog Companion - Season 1: Episode 3

Understanding and sustaining change is critical in both our personal and professional lives. As we strive for continuous improvement, we often encounter obstacles that threaten the sustainability of our well-intentioned changes. Marie Medina, an experienced enterprise change management consultant, delves deep into the realm of change sustainment in her latest podcast episode.

Marie begins by defining change sustainment as the ability to maintain the desired outcomes and benefits of a change over time. She highlights the importance of this concept, stating that without change sustainment, we risk losing the value and positive impact obtained from the change. This, in turn, wastes our time and resources, creating frustration and resistance.

The discussion then moves to the common roadblocks that hinder change sustainment. Marie lists lack of executive support, ineffective communication, resistance to change, and skill gaps as some of the most significant obstacles that can cripple your change initiatives. She emphasizes that these hurdles can lead to negative impacts on an organization's performance, reputation, culture, and morale. Thus, understanding and addressing these roadblocks are critical to ensuring change sustainment.

Using her two decades of corporate experience, Marie shares some enlightening case studies. One such example explores a corporate scenario where a team needs to adopt a new software system. Here, she elaborates on how maintaining regular monitoring, providing ongoing support, and rewarding team members for consistent use of the new system can help sustain the change.

In a personal context, Marie uses the example of maintaining a regular exercise routine. She talks about the importance of assessing personal readiness, setting goals, engaging friends and family members, and measuring progress. By doing so, she gives listeners practical strategies to sustain personal change.

Marie's discussion on change sustainment offers valuable insights into the challenges and strategies associated with sustaining change. Her real-life case studies breathe life into these concepts, providing listeners with practical tools and strategies to ensure lasting transformation.

Whether you are a team leader striving to sustain a change within your organization, or an individual seeking to maintain a new habit, understanding the concept of change sustainment and the strategies to achieve it is essential. By tuning into Marie's podcast, you can gain the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the maze of change sustainment and unlock the secret to lasting transformation.

Check out the Unlocking the Secret to Lasting Transformation podcast episode below!


Unlocking the Secret to Lasting Transformation: A Guide to Change Sustainment - S 1: EP 3

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