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The Corporate Butterfly Podcast Blog Companion - Season 1: Episode 2

In this episode of The Corporate Butterfly Podcast, we journey through the often turbulent waters of change management, focusing particularly on the issue of resistance to change. As we all know, change is an inevitable part of life and business. However, managing it effectively is a skill that many struggle to master.

Man in suit pushing against resistance and the turbulent waters of change management  . Concept here is, don't resist change, embrace it.
Change resistance, the often turbulent waters of change management

Host Marie Medina, with over two decades of corporate experience, explores the psychological factors that often lead to resistance to change. These include fear, loss, and limiting beliefs. She illustrates how these emotions manifest themselves in behaviors like denial and depression, often leading to the failure of change initiatives.

One of the key points discussed is the concept of change resistance as defined by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). Change resistance is described as the stakeholders' opposition to a change, a natural reaction to anything that disrupts our status quo or comfort zone.

The episode delves deep into the factors that cause change resistance, which range from fear of failure, uncertainty, and criticism, to a lack of trust in leaders or the change process itself. One of the most compelling parts of the episode is the discussion around a case study on post-merger integration. The study offers an in-depth look at how fear and limiting beliefs can lead to conscious and subconscious resistance, ultimately resulting in failed change.

Change resistance can manifest itself as shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, or acceptance, among other things as depicted on the change curve.
Change Curve

Marie further highlights the crucial role of sponsor visibility and stakeholder engagement in managing change resistance. When there's a lack of apparent interest, direction, or guidance from senior leaders, or minimal communication about the impending changes, stakeholders can feel left in the dark. This, in turn, can exacerbate resistance and delay acceptance of the change.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. Marie offers practical solutions to overcome resistance, using the ACMP's resistance management framework. The episode explains how creating a stakeholder engagement plan, a sponsor plan, and a communication plan can significantly enhance the change management process. By increasing communication, support, and guidance, businesses can ensure smoother transitions and quicker adoption of changes.

The episode concludes by reiterating the importance of structured change management. Using another illustrative chart, Marie contrasts the chaotic nature of unmanaged change with the orderly progression of managed change. The difference is stark and serves as a powerful reminder of the potential of effective change management to streamline transitions and achieve desired benefits and ROI.

Man jumping through change transition from current state to future state. The managed side of change provides a bridge, also known as a framework to ensure a quicker and smoother transition.
Don't Resist Change, Embrace It!

In essence, this episode is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing change resistance. It's a must-listen for anyone navigating change in their organization or looking to hone their change management skills. As The Corporate Butterfly, Marie offers valuable insights and practical solutions to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of business.


Overcoming Resistance for Successful Change episode - S 1: EP 2

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