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Firm Overview

The Corporate Butterfly L.L.C. is an MWBE certified management consulting and advisory services firm located in the state of NY. We offer proven and unique solutions, which strategically facilitate the holistic transformation of organizations and the swift adoption of stakeholders, by ensuring organizational readiness and mitigating change risks, to create a smoother transition with minimal disruption and achieve your organization's desired  benefits, as well as its organizational efficiency and alignment, in order to sustain its future state and ignite long term growth.

​​Our mission is to revolutionize corporate culture and infrastructure through helping organizations and individuals establish and reinvent themselves by utilizing our proven strategies and solutions.​

The Corporate Butterfly provides customized solutions in the areas of change management and implementation, business analysis and development, strategic planning and execution, process improvement and creation, and organizational design.  Our comprehensive and effective change management solutions enable organizations, processes, and personnel to travel through a metamorphosis route that is systematic and complete. We Analyze, Devise, Advise, Actualize, and Revolutionize! 

The Corporate Butterfly's key differentiators are embedded in our methodology and talent. These include, Holistic Approach and Philosophy, Adoption of Industry Standards (ACMP® & Prosci®),Established and Proven Framework, State-of-the-art Technology, Client Focus and Flexibility, as well as Remarkable Talent and  Strategic Partners. Our unique and holistic approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. 

The company is led and operated by Marie Medina, the CEO & Principal Consultant. Her professional experience spans over 20 years and consists of proven management consulting proficiencies to lead ground-up development and remediation of organizations, departments, products, and processes.

Change Management Consulting in New York

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